• Sector Retail Software
  • Location Canada, UK
  • Investment Status acquired

OrderDynamics provides best-of-breed, cloud based order management technology that lets retailers converge their online and offline strategies to deliver on the promises of omni-channel retail.

OrderDynamics’ technology enables international retailers to succeed with the step change in order and inventory complexity caused by omni-channel commerce. Solutions include realising a single view on inventory across the enterprise, and using distributed order routing logic which can optimise their inventory sell-through, drive customer satisfaction, grow sales, and maximise the value of their physical retail presence.

OrderDynamics brings the market a solid combination of retail expertise, depth and flexibility in omni-channel order management solutions, rapid time to market and ongoing innovation.

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“It is a boost to have the support of a far-sighted and patient investor like Frog Capital. They understand the disruptive nature and growth potential of SaaS based applications, as well as the global nature of the opportunity. As a best-of-breed Order Management solution for the retail sector, we at OrderDynamics are riding the intersecting waves of investment in omni-channel retail and the transition to SaaS, and are enjoying growth across the North American, European, and Asia Pacific markets.”

-Nick McLean, CEO, OrderDynamics