Scale-Up Methodology

Making Scale-Up a science, not an art.

Together with our network, we are continually improving our Scale-Up Methodology. We’ve combined learnings from the many successes and challenges we and our network have had over the last 25 years, so you have the benefit of real practical experience. We’ve defined the major elements which are essential for any purpose-driven leadership team to succeed in the Scale-Up phase, and we have expertise to advise on each specialist component.

Scale-Up Insights


The here and now


This is the daily, weekly winning and servicing of customers. It’s how you deliver your service and devise ways to improve, quickly. Execution is the machine: a blend of team, process and insight that enables you to see where to focus to make productivity improvements while maintaining your purpose. We’ve split Execution into three key focus areas: Customer Acquisition, Delivery and Applied Analytics, with toolkits on Building Sales Machines, Expanding to the US and Scaling your Finance Function.

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Looking ahead


Planning is the monthly, quarterly cadence of making sure your strategic goals are clear and your purpose is embedded in your business. It’s a step back from the day to day execution of scaling to evaluate how your team is structured and performing across your key strategic objectives. The three core elements of Planning are Strategy, Talent and Organisation, with toolkits on assessing team performance, running a successful strategy day and designing your organisation structure.

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The long term


Building a commercially sustainable, self financing, high-growth business is tough. Building one where your values and purpose remain true to your original vision is even harder. Having consistent clarity on your longer-term priorities of fulfilling your Purpose, establishing Resilience and creating Value is a vital part of becoming successful. We have created toolkits on building sustainability, steps to being acquired and understanding all your funding options.

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My Scale-Up

Our methodology. Your Scale-Up

Find thought leadership, videos and toolkits dedicated to your role. Whatever your focus area in the leadership team of a software scale-up we have advice and expertise that can support you as your company grows. Search by your leadership role or focus on the sections of our Scale-Up Methodology.

Scale-up methodology

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Find thought leadership, videos and toolkits dedicated to your role to help you scale faster, whatever your focus area in the leadership team of a software scale-up.

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