Too often execution is purely reactive to business challenges.

It almost seems like a rite of passage that start-ups need to muddle through sales or operations crises, changing only when the current approach fails, before they emerge as growth companies. The Scale-up Methodology seeks to avoid this. It has three elements to the execution phase; Customer Acquisition, Delivery and Applied Analysis. We see this as an iterative cycle where great delivery provides the ammunition for improved customer acquisition and genuinely insightful analysis is used to drive balanced, additive resource allocation to delivery and customer acquisition to allow accelerating, controlled growth.


Informing decision-making

Applied Analysis

In the scale-up phase, historical financial reporting is never sufficient. When growth is fast, you need to make  informed decisions quickly.

Applied analysis on financial and non-financial data creates insights that drive better decisions and increase the probability of achieving desired commercial and purpose-driven outcomes. As your business scales, Finance & Operations must evolve to add value as a centre of business intelligence. World class scale-up CFOs/COOs ensure the business has the capacity across people, systems and processes to deliver consistent, useful and timely information to the whole business.

Key expert

Steven Dunne

“Generating high quality, relevant and timely information for decision-making is crucial through the Scale-Up phase.”

Steven Dunne, Senior PartnerView Profile

Improving customer experience


As demand for your product grows it gets harder to deliver the consistent quality necessary for customers to remain loyal. As your business scales there will be more strain and therefore greater need to proactively improve. This includes customer feedback loops, product development, departmental structures, reporting lines and responsibilities, support functions and both customer and team retention.

Key expert

Andrew Betteley

“Scale-ups need to prioritise the customer experience through product development, operations and service.”

Andrew Betteley, Operating PartnerView Profile

Empowering revenue generation

Customer Acquisition

New business is crucial for all growing companies, whether B2B or B2C, and is a key step to exceeding the Rule of 40 benchmark. The fundamentals are knowing the customer, understanding sales channels and monitoring and responding to influencers and competitor strategies. As you scale, the importance of high-quality recruitment, performance management and team empowerment are core skills to ensure your business still delivers to the same quality. Account management plans, sales management structure, remuneration, incentives and performance management will become increasingly important parts of the process.

Key expert

James Bagan

“Winning new customers and retaining them to forecast is the key to scaling any profitable business.”

James Bagan, Operating PartnerView Profile

Scale-up Methodology