Performing under pressure

Starting a business is tough. Building a product, a team, a go-to-market strategy, and then executing on it is complex and stressful. Many moving parts create a multitude of challenges for the founder/ CEO.

When it comes to scaling up the challenges and stresses scale up too. Even on a good day there is a huge amount of pressure. How about a day in the midst of a pandemic with business interruptions across the board. Focus is critical, but can be elusive.

Our consulting partner, Gazing Performance Systems, specialises in helping leaders and their teams perform under pressure. They were kind enough to take some time to give their advice to leaders facing the unprecedented pressure of the Covid-19 pandemic.

James Bagan

Article by James Bagan, Operating Partner

James joined Frog in 2018 as an Operating Partner. Since 2004, he has worked exclusively with investor backed businesses, finding and fixing sales challenges. He has also led 2 successful exits at Language Line and Occam, where he was Chief Executive.