Making a sustainable difference.

A core part of the Frog philosophy is helping management to build businesses that make a positive difference to society, which can become commercially self-sustaining at scale. The aim is to create a thriving organisation that lasts the test of time as a business entity not just an innovative concept and therefore makes a difference at scale.

The most effective scale-up leaders drive aggressive growth, not at all costs, but by judging their ability to attract the right level of resource to fuel the plan, thereby keeping the destiny of the business in the hands of the executive team.

The three elements within Sustainability are: Value, Purpose and Resilience. We see these as mutually supportive: purpose and resilience provide the platform and catalyst for the confident pursuit of value creation.


Making a difference


Purpose provides focus to all levels of a business. It shapes strategy at senior leadership level and provides clarity of direction across the business; motivating teams, encouraging delegation and individual responsibility and attracting the right partners. It contributes to differentiating brand substance and sharpening messaging, resonating with customers and top talent.

Key expert

Steven Dunne

“Purpose galvanises alignment of employees, customers, suppliers and investors. This is indispensable as a business scales and makes it faster and more effective in dealing with challenges.”

Steven Dunne, Senior PartnerView Profile

Establishing control


Resilience is rarely spoken about in venture capital circles; anything other than the growth mantra can be criticised as being insufficiently ambitious. Growth at all costs can lead to external funding reliance and compromising on purpose. A more balanced approach is required that builds strength internally and drives employee confidence that the company destiny is in its own hands, whatever may happen externally. Balancing investment in growth opportunities, route to profitability and purpose is key to developing resilience across your business. This will attract and retain the best talent and also open up funding options to fuel growth, expansion, acquisition or other strategic initiatives.

Key expert

Steven Dunne

“Making difficult decisions to address the changing needs of a business is critical to its survival and success.”

Steven Dunne, Senior PartnerView Profile

Realising value


Building significant value through the scale-up phase is one important measure of your team and investors’ success in executing your purpose and vision. Understanding how and why different prospective stakeholders value companies like yours is critical to ensure you are focusing on the right strategic goals well ahead of time. Keeping your exit options broad de-risks your future. Careful and consistent management of your brand and reputation amongst this audience is time consuming but vital. Having an excellent Board and shareholder group will provide constructive support and alignment.

Key expert

David Williams

“Value creation is an outcome of building a successful business, not an objective to be set in its own right.”

David Williams, Operating PartnerView Profile

Scale-Up Methodology