• Sector Financial Services
  • Location UK
  • Investment Status current

Azimo is a market-leading digital money transfer service within the growing c.$600bn remittance market. Unlike traditional remittance companies, Azimo only accepts electronic transfers inbound, making anti-fraud checks more simple and secure. It has the most comprehensive pay-out network of any digital player, with over 200 destination countries giving access to 5bn reachable customers in 77 different currencies. Azimo’s team previously secured market leadership when managing Europe’s leading independent, traditional money remittance company: Small World.


“Frog was flagged early as a good potential partner by our existing investors. The Azimo team has enjoyed getting to know them and we feel that their intelligent but straight talking culture gels with our own. That impression has been backed up by significant referencing with their existing portfolio companies and the wider market. As such we feel confident they are the right partner to add significant value during the next stage of our growth.”

-Michael Kent, CEO, Azimo