• Sector Property
  • Location Germany
  • Investment Status current

McMakler is Germany’s fastest growing online estate agent, combining the personal touch of traditional advice through its highly qualified agents with the advantages of modern online and mobile communication and marketing technology. A year after its launch, McMakler has already established itself as the leading hybrid estate agent in the country.

McMakler differentiates itself both through better quality of service and a competitive price point, as witnessed by a high rate of referrals from customers. With limited online competition and customer demands increasing, McMakler is in the pole position to disrupt the €10bn market for agent fees in Germany.


“Frog gave us confidence that we would partner with a long-term oriented investor fully convinced of the business model and the market opportunity. The intense pre-investment period helped aligning the whole company in getting Frog on board. Strong personal fit paired with a highly analytical approach made us choose Frog – we are really looking forward to shaping the next stage of our company development together.”

-Hanno Heintzenberg, co-CEO, McMakler