First year of investment: 2017


Investment status: Current

Investment Lead: Jens Düing


What McMakler do

Hybrid real estate agents.

McMakler is the upcoming service leader in the European residential property market. By blending leading personal service and use of technology, McMakler is already the fourth largest real estate agency in Germany. It is reinforcing its strong competitive position and is the second most recognised brand amongst German competitors (YouGov poll) with the third largest inventory behind two offline franchise networks. The additional funding and accelerated marketing it allows means that it can quickly take an unassailable, dominant position.


year on year increase in transaction volume


people in the team


hybrid real estate agency in Germany

Why we invested in McMakler

The German residential property market is the largest and most traditional market in Europe. McMakler’s innovative hybrid agency approach combining personal service, no high street retail cost and an end to end digital journey has won it market leadership amongst the newer entrants, and provided a strong platform to introduce new, profitable services. Frog is working closely with McMakler’s founding team on corporate strategy as well as their operational build out.

Jens Düing


Jens Düing