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Ashley Gregory White

Ashley Gregory White

What Clue do

World leading investigation and intelligence software.

Clue is a cloud-based investigation case management and intelligence SaaS platform used by police, governments, and the private and not-for-profit sectors around the world to help counter serious and organised crime, corruption, safeguarding, environmental, financial, corporate, and global threats.

Their customers deal with an increasing volume and complexity of data in their efforts to secure justice and prevent harm, often in the face of complex, agile, international criminal activity.

  • 200% Clue has more than doubled ARR in the past 2 years

Why we invested in Clue

Threats, fraud, violence and corruption is, sadly, a high growth business. Organisations across sectors and international boundaries lack the modern-day digital equipment to keep up. The shift to cloud-based architecture and the latest data analysis & security technology is opening up this huge market. Clue Software is leading this transformation, endorsed by leading client organisations & regulators in law enforcement, government, corporate, not-for-profit, education, sports amongst others.

Clare Elford, CEO, has built a robust and ambitious combination of credibility and innovation in a demanding and traditionally conservative industry resulting in clear differentiation to typically legacy systems providers. As well as the attractions of a product receiving exceptional customer feedback in a very large growing market, the Frog team was particularly impressed by Clue’s culture of customer engagement, integrity and partnership.



Clare Elford – CEO, Clue

Thomas Drohan – CCO, Clue

Mike Reid – Senior Partner, Frog

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