Dominic Rodgers

Dominic Rodgers
Head of marketing

What Evotix do

Evotix has been developing health and safety management software since they were founded in Scotland in 1995. With offices in Glasgow, Manchester, the US and New Zealand.

The team pride themselves in being expert in the application of technology to solve customers’ health and safety challenges. Assure, their health and safety software solution, provides customers with an easily accessible way to manage health, safety and compliance, empowering them to draw insights from their data and make targeted interventions.

  • SCO Founded in Scotland

  • >250 Clients across US, Europe & APAC

  • >80 New clients in the last year

Why we invested in Evotix

Evotix Software’s deep understanding of environmental, health and safety challenges, and how modern software engagement can transform attitudes and address key EHS issues has impressed the Frog team a great deal.

How Evotix helps customers


Why Evotix chose Frog:

“Very pleased to have played my small part in leading Evotix through this exciting chapter and on to global scale-up success with Matthew Elson and our awesome team. Frog was always a top choice investor for Evotix, even though I couldn’t tell anyone that during the negotiation! I have enormous respect for Mike Reid and his team and look forward to adding Mike’s wisdom and experience to our Board.”

Matthew Elson – CEO, Evotix

Martin Fincham – Chairman, Evotix

Mike Reid – Senior Partner, Frog