Dominic Rodgers

Dominic Rodgers
Head of marketing

What Caspar do

Germany’s leading aftercare platform.

Caspar Health is a digital therapy platform that provides hospitals with easy access to medical-therapeutic care for patients, so that therapy successes can be ensured more sustainably.  

Medical facilities use Caspar Health to carry out therapy measures online with their patients during their stay in hospital and after discharge. The services are covered by numerous insurance companies in the areas of rehabilitation, prevention and aftercare.  

  • 300% Over 300% growth in the last 2 years

  • 160 Used in over 160 hospitals in Germany

  • 97% Exceptionally positive verified patient rating

Why we invested in Caspar

We have been following Caspar’s progress over the last few years, and one of the crucial factors that attracted us was their strong sense of purpose and performanceIn addition to their above-average growth, we were convinced by the effectiveness of the digital rehabilitation programs, and thanks to them, there are completely new care options available for patients in rehab. 

“We had the comfortable situation of various funding commitments from international VC’s. Frog Capital exactly represents what we are looking for: a hands-on investor that has a stunning track record with companies in the scale-up stage.” Max von Waldenfels, Co-Founder of Caspar Health


Maximilian Michels – CEO, Caspar 

Maximilian von Waldenfels – Co-founder, Caspar 

Benjamin Pochhammer – Co-founder and Managing Director, Caspar 

Jens Düing – Senior Partner, Frog

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