Dominic Rodgers

Dominic Rodgers
Head of marketing

What Genasys do

The leading digital platform for insurance businesses.

Genasys’ dynamic SaaS platform is unique in providing modularised end-to-end policy administration and claims solutions for insurance business across the full spectrum of the industry.  

With over 350 pre-configured products ranging from P&C, life, medical and specialty and hundreds of API end points enabling hyper-configurability across the insurance ecosystem, Genasys is helping its customers bring about innovation and quickly deliver new products to their rapidly evolving consumer base.

  • 350 pre-configured solutions

  • 16 Clients in 16 countries

  • 0 Zero code tools

Why we invested in Genasys

The Genasys platform reduces a key barrier insurance businesses face to tailoring products to the needs of the insured. As a consequence, individuals seeking to insure a particular risk are more and more likely to find a product that fits their respective needs, thus leading to better peace of mind and reduced hardship for the insured.

Genasys has already created an industry leading modular state-of-the-art platform that is gaining increasing momentum in a transforming ecosystem. The platform allows its customers a much faster time to market. 



Andre Symes – Co-CEO, Genasys

Craig Oliver – Co-CEO, Genasys

Jens Düing – Senior Partner, Frog