First year of investment: 2017


Investment status: Current

Investment Lead: Mike Reid


What Vulog do

The world’s leading shared mobility platform

Vulog is the world’s leading, independent provider of in-car & operating SaaS software for mobility & car-sharing operators. Active on all five continents, a Vulog enabled vehicle is used every 2 seconds. Now chosen as a key strategic partner by international players like Volkswagen, Peugeot and Kia, Vulog’s fleet is rapidly expanding from major cities like Berlin, Washington, Miami, Wuhan and Mexico City.


trips recorded through the Vulog platform


Vulog's tech has reduced carbon emissions by 170 tons


A ride powered by Vulog taken every 2 seconds

Why we invested in Vulog

Tectonic change is underway in the automotive industry. With its global leadership in mobility infrastructure technology, Vulog is uniquely positioned to become a significant strategic player as the industry realigns its value chain to software and 24/7 mobility services.

Frog’s team is supporting Vulog’s excellent management team and Board across the areas of strategy, customer success and sales.

"Working with Frog provides the perfect balance between supporting what we are doing and challenging us to improve important areas of the business."

Gregory Ducongé, Founder & CEO

Mike Reid


Mike Reid