What Vulog do

The world’s leading shared mobility platform

Vulog is the world’s leading, independent provider of in-car & operating SaaS software for mobility & car-sharing operators. Active on all five continents, a Vulog enabled vehicle is used every 2 seconds. Now chosen as a key strategic partner by international players like Volkswagen, Peugeot and Kia, Vulog’s fleet is rapidly expanding from major cities like Berlin, Washington, Miami, Wuhan and Mexico City.

  • 10m trips recorded through the Vulog platform

  • 170 Vulog's tech has reduced carbon emissions by 170 tons

  • 2 A ride powered by Vulog taken every 2 seconds

Why we invested in Vulog

Tectonic change is underway in the automotive industry. With its global leadership in mobility infrastructure technology, Vulog is uniquely positioned to become a significant strategic player as the industry realigns its value chain to software and 24/7 mobility services.

Frog’s team is supporting Vulog’s excellent management team and Board across the areas of strategy, customer success and sales.


Gregory DucongĂ© – CEO, Vulog

Mike Reid – Senior Partner, Frog