Vulog CEO reflects on climate change lessons learned from Covid-19 response

5th May 2020 by Frog

Gregory Ducongé, the CEO of Vulog – the global leader in shared mobility technologies – has published his reflections on how the COVID-19 response proves how we can act together to make a united impact at scale by sharing initial lessons learned and hopes for the future of climate change. Ducongé says, “Amidst confusion and panic, COVID-19 can help us reevaluate and better understand other existential threats that silently plague our reality… Welcome back to the conversation, Climate Change.”

Transportation is responsible for nearly a quarter of direct CO2 emissions from fuel combustion. Climate researchers have recently measured a 25% decrease in China’s carbon emissions over a space of three weeks, translating to an overall global CO2 emissions decrease of more than 6%. Data suggests that this is due to citizens around the world having to limit their travel due to the pandemic and associated lockdowns, thereby using less transportation.

Ducongé says that while it is unrealistic to expect everyone to forgo transportation altogether, it is not unrealistic to ask people to reevaluate how they get from Point A to Point B and by what means. He reflects that our collective response to COVID-19 should be a wake up call to us all that we have the ability to create a positive disruptive force. Ducongé concludes, “On a more personal note, as head of a company driven by sustainability and innovation, our number one goal is to help our clients’ sustainable mobility projects succeed, no matter the political, economic, or biomedical challenges that may arise… While for many of us today, battling COVID-19 means sitting by idly, battling climate change means moving with deliberate purpose.” You can read all of Gregory Ducongé’s reflections in his full article here.

Vulog are also currently using their platform to bring attention to mobility operators around the world that are rethinking their services to provide help to local communities during this unprecedented time. While the majority of people are required to stay at home, moving in cities remains more important than ever for health care personnel, patients, medical device transporters, etc. The Vulog team has consequently collected a non-exhaustive list of “inspiring players and impactful actions that they are taking”, which you can view on their website here.


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