Growth capital webinar: how to stand out in the promising market



Frog Capital’s Senior Partner Mike Reid recently featured on a growth capital webinar organised by European private equity news outlet, Real Deals. Mike was joined by AI-driven CRM platform, Affinity. co’s Europes Regional Director Thomas Hughes Ellis, where they explored growth capital and how to stand out in the promising market.

Key focus points during the seminar included the different types of factors that are driving the rise of growth equity, how investors can stand out to win deals, how organisations can use the power of technology to their advantage and what investors should be doing in order to add value to their investments and much more.

When speaking about growth capital and why it has become so popular amounts investors in recent times, Mike highlighted those interests have risen because of the tech boom and growth equity is a stable product that appeals to investors in private equity firms as it gives them more upside compared to their buyout portfolio, but there’s not too much more risk involved.

Mike also identified how growth capital investors can go about standing out in the market and stated “The real challenge is the operational deployment of know-how, and how do you come across to the management team in a way where the deal is priced well…You have to build the relationship with the management team and have that chemistry right from when you sign the deal, so you can hit the ground running in implementing your plan.” It was also mentioned that the fund management team would have a clearer purpose and would find it easier to attract the retain the best talent.

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