Vulog recognised as spearheading the shared mobility landscape



Automotive World has highlighted the success of Vulog across North America and the rest of the globe in a recent article, particularly focusing on Vulog’s movement away from its car sharing roots to a shared mobility approach.

Vulog is a Paris-headquartered technology company that was an early player in the shared mobility sector. Founded in 2006, it was instrumental in fostering the first round-trip car sharing initiatives via its hardware and software development.

“Vulog offers an end-to-end suite, starting from the hardware that goes inside a vehicle through to a mobility platform that, in a nutshell, combines a vehicle with a user,” said Alex Thibault, Vice President and General Manager of Vulog North America. “We have devised a number of tools, both on the customer facing and the operator sides, which cover everything—CRM capabilities, ticketing, fleet control and maintenance, as well as marketing.”

Though Vulog’s genesis was oriented towards car-sharing models, it is now leading the charge to approach shared mobility in a more holistic way. The company’s focus has broadened as it works to etch out a space in the market to help larger operators and established players launch new mobility projects, including micro options such as scooters.

“It’s not just for car-sharing anymore,” said Thibault. “Most of Vulog’s customers now, whether they are a vehicle distributor, energy company or a car rental organisation, are looking to become platforms for vehicle rental and usage. We’re dealing with more companies that want to launch car sharing and scooter sharing in a given city.”

You can read the full article in Automotive World here.

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