Vulog partners with Hyundai for car sharing pilot

22nd November 2019 by Frog

Vulog, the leaders in shared mobility, have announced a collaboration with Hyundai for a car sharing pilot that will launch in Los Angeles by the end of 2019. The announcement was made during its panel at Automobility LA, with Vulog promising a large-scale car service that will grow to provide 300 vehicles.

Hyundai Group recently launched MoceanLab, a mobility service venture that promises to diversify and modernise its core business of producing and selling vehicles. MoceanLab will focus on piloting autonomous ridesharing, shuttling, multimodal transportation, and personal mobility in Los Angeles. Vulog will provide its technology platform to the Mocean Carshare service which will use 20 Hyundai Ioniq plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Mocean Carshare will eventually transition to a fleet of 300 fully electric vehicles from Hyundai and Kia Motors.

This news follows shortly after Vulog announced that it had been awarded the official Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label. The label was given for the company’s exceptional world-leading efforts for shared mobility technology. The Solar Impulse Foundation has been selecting 1000 solutions that protect the environment in a profitable way. The label is a new, credible symbol that is applied as a guarantee of quality for those looking to implement clean solutions.

Bertrand Piccard, founder of Solar Impulse, said, “Today, thousands of solutions exist that can boost economic growth while preserving nature, but they are often hidden in start-ups or research labs. They remain unknown to decision makers and are not implemented at industry level. So few people realize that everyone can use them and how profitable they have become.”

You can read more about the Vulog and Hyundai partnership here and the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label here.


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