First year of investment: 2020


Investment status: Current

Investment Lead: Steven Dunne


What Winningtemp do

Winningtemp is a leading employee engagement software company, helping businesses drive productivity through positive engagement.

Their AI based platform helps CEO and HR leaders find the winning temperature of their business by continuously collecting real-time data from employees, providing both a clear overview of individual development and the organisation’s current well-being and long-term growth trajectory, while at the same time flagging for acute problems that may be about to arise.

Through continuous analysis of the collected data, the system can discern positive and negative deviations, which in turn generates automated action proposals that strengthen the business going forward. All in all, it helps customers reduce negative stress, absenteeism, and staff turnover while increasing commitment and satisfaction.


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Why we invested in Winningtemp

Having followed Winningtemp’s progress over the last few years, they have been at the forefront of using software to respond to important global trends like employee engagement, wellbeing and corporate culture. At the onset of the COVID crisis their platform experienced a huge surge in usage, with consistent growth since then.

Remote working has increased the complexity of employee engagement and driven the requirement for software solutions to measure employee satisfaction and productivity.

Steven Dunne


Steven Dunne