Winningtemp’s practical guide to OKR and revolutionary goal setting


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Winningtemp’s practical guide to OKR and revolutionary goal setting

There’s no doubt that goal setting gets the company on the right track. By now, you might have already heard of the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework and how organisations use it to get ahead of their objectives — even Google’s management team credits a vital part of their outstanding success to OKR and the ideologies it embodies. The hard truth is no two organisations are built the same way and what worked for Google might not work for your organisation. 

To understand the art and science of OKR and how it can be adopted by SMBs and large enterprises of varied capabilities, Frog portfolio company Winningtemp, a leading employee-engagement software company, sat down with Cecilia Westerholm Beer from Bisnode for multiple knowledge-sharing sessions.

“Every company needs to interpret and adopt OKR differently. What worked for Google may not work for others, so it’s pointless to try and copy how Google used OKR, but rather draw inspiration from their way of thinking and customise OKR to the needs of your company,” said Beer.

Winningtemp’s e-book The OKR Effect ft. Bisnode is an unbiased guide to practical goal setting with OKRs. According to the e-book, through “coordination, planning, strong leadership, and transparent company culture, OKRs reveal the path towards greatness and provide everyone with clarity and purpose.”

It added: “On a much more practical level, the framework promotes self-leadership, disciplined thinking, and team collaboration by removing unnecessary silos and increasing workplace satisfaction.”

Besides that, some of the topics the e-book covers include:

  • The OKR framework with examples and templates
  • Why getting executive sign-in is of utmost importance
  • The effect of OKR on company culture
  • The OKR magic that Bisnode witnessed
  • The challenges of goal-setting

To learn more insights into how different organisations can implement OKR by tweaking and tailoring the ideology to suit their needs, you can download Winningtemp’s e-book here.