Winningtemp’s tips for work-life balance while working from home

Mike Reid

Mike Reid
Senior Partner

The onslaught of the pandemic might have changed the working landscape but that doesn’t mean workers can’t have the work-life balance they deserve. In a blog post, Frog Capital portfolio Winningtemp, a leading employee-engagement software company, gave some valuable tips on maintaining a healthy work-life balance while remote working.

“With the forced closure of offices nationwide in March 2020, it became more important than ever for business leaders to safeguard the work-life equilibrium. HR expert Josh Bersin agrees and says that one thing is now certain; the working landscape has changed, forever: ‘You don’t go to the workplace; the workplace comes to you.’”

Although there are a lot of advantages to the work-from-home scheme, there are also negatives if not managed appropriately.

According to the blog post: “A study commissioned by LinkedIn in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation supports these findings and say that throughout the pandemic, people who have been working from home have often been exerting themselves beyond their capacity, leading to high levels of fatigue. The research found that on average, office workers were increasing their workload by an extra 28 hours each month by working from home.”

Below are some useful suggestions to how you can help keep your peoples work-life balance in check:

  • Be clear about when your working day begins and ends and take breaks to refresh.
  • When work is over, be sure you switch off to avoid burnout. 
  • Minimise stress. 
  • Have a daily virtual huddle. 
  • Discourage presenteeism. If you’re unwell, take leave and do your best to give an update or handover on urgent work. 
  • Remind staff of their existing health and well-being benefits and how to access them when working remotely.

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Mike Reid

Mike Reid
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