First year of investment: 2022

Website: https://housfy.com/

Investment status: Current

Investment Lead: Jens Düing


What Housfy do

Spain’s leading digital property platform.

Housfy have built Spain’s only digital platform serving homeowners’ different needs in one place: the best quality real estate agency, rental management, and the leading portal for buyers to find the right mortgage. Adding simplicity, convenience and trust to what has traditionally been one of the most stressful things we do in life is a powerful proposition, which has achieved excellent traction. 


Saving customers up to €20,000


More than 3000 mortgages approved


Over 5000 properties sold

Why we invested in Housfy

With experience of the digital property market in Germany we were able to make a robust evaluation of the opportunities in other European markets. Albert and the team at Housfy impressed us immediately. With their sophisticated centralised digital platform catering for multiple customer needs in one place, we understood how valuable a proposition Housfy is.

Housfy have sold more than 5,000 properties, over 3,000 mortgages, and managed more than 1,000 rentals since they launched in 2017. It is already one of the top 5 real estate agents in Spain, saving customers up to €20,000 per transaction.

"Housfy impressed us from the very beginning. Albert and his team have built the only platform serving homeowners’ different needs in one place."

Jens Düing, Senior Partner, Frog Capital

Jens Düing


Jens Düing