SHE Software collaborate with DuPont on whitepaper for gaining a more agile response to a crisis



Not too long ago, even the most well-rehearsed crisis management would not have been able to predict the wide-spreading impact of Covid-19. Whilst this challenge has been unprecedented, crisis management should evolve constantly, be flexible and timely, and adapt and respond as new challenges arise. With this in mind, SHE Software, a leading RegTech software provider, have published a new whitepaper to help EHS professionals understand how to gain a more agile response to a crisis, and successfully navigate what is a rapid, ever-changing environment.

The whitepaper, titled How to build a more agile EHS response to successfully navigate a crisis and produced in collaboration with DuPont Sustainable Solutions, acknowledges that senior managers now look to their safety teams for agile, innovative responses to crisis management in the post Covid-19 world. As explained in the whitepaper, “Though each company has it’s own specific circumstances related to the challenges and opportunities faced as a result of COVID-19, one thing is common across all industries, sectors, and organisations: the risk profile of the organisation has fundamentally changed. The result is risk increases across the board which have manifested both within operations and people. For the EHS professional, this means the priority is survival through adaptation, as the situation changes from day-to-day.”

The learnings in the whitepaper include:

  • What an EHS response to a crisis should look like;
  • How a more agile response can help mitigate risk; and
  • Ideas on how to successfully navigate what is a rapid, ever-evolving environment.

Organisations need tools like EHS software like SHE Software’s Assure solution to protect them in the short-term from immediate hazards, yet drive longer-term visions for greater well-being, more productivity and continual progressive change, while mitigating unseen threats that are yet to emerge. Combined with the ideas in the whitepaper, drawing on available technology and software will enable your organisation to gain agility in times of unprecedented crisis.

You can read the full whitepaper here.

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