Clue releases industry-leading report on how to counter fraud in 2022

Mike Reid

Mike Reid
Senior Partner

Clue releases industry-leading report on how to counter fraud in 2022

World-leading investigation and intelligence software, Clue, has strengthened its position as a thought leader in counter fraud by releasing their latest report, ‘Counter Fraud in 2022: Navigating the Path to Prevention’.

Clue, a SaaS investigation case management and intelligence platform used by governments, police, private, and non-profit sectors, have helped to detect criminal activities and counter threats, from organised crime to corruption, terrorism to environmental criminal activity and much more.

Following a successful Q1 of 2022, with significant growth results, Clue has looked to widening marketing opportunities by bringing AI automation, data insights and more into its platform to support its customers’ efforts to secure justice and prevent harm.

CEO of Clue, Clare Elford, explained: “Legacy systems and spreadsheets are no longer sufficient to extract value from large volumes of complex data that investigations are increasingly reliant upon. Unified digital solutions offer powerful new opportunities in case management, intelligence, and collaboration.”

Based on a survey of specialists in the government and the public sector, the report highlights some of the key challenges faced by counter-fraud teams, including exclusive survey data and insights from counter-fraud experts.

Also, the report outlines best practice tips and strategies that prioritise preventative action as customers are dealing with increasing volumes and complexity of data to counter threats.

Key trends that are impacting counter fraud teams are included, such as the idea of low-risk and high-reward has become an increasingly popular option amongst criminals as fraud reaches record-high figures of accounting for 40% of all UK crime.

Former Commissioner of the City of London Police, QPM Ian Dyson is also featured in the report, providing valuable knowledge and insights into the subject. Additionally, the report also includes key action points for proactive counter fraud teams to adopt to help combat the increasing figures.

Click here to access the full Clue report.