McMakler achieves 5-star ratings at Capital Makler Kompass Awards



Big news for Frog portfolio company McMakler – Germany’s most well-known and fastest growing online estate agent – as they recently received 5-star ratings in 24 test municipalities at the recent Capital Makler Kompass awards.

482 brokers achieved good or very good ratings in this year’s awards.

According to Capital, “This year, 2081 real estate brokers were tested in 100 German cities, 515 of which took part in the study. 396 providers fulfilled the criteria for a top rating and received the highest rating of five stars, 86 got four stars.”

Capital, along with iib Dr. Hettenbach Institute and the Scope Investor Services, analysed the companies and the quality of residential property buyers in a two-stage test procedure. Process quality, exposé and contract, scope of the property on offer, and company services were also included in the analysis.

Felix Jahn, founder and CEO of McMakler, says: “I would particularly like to thank all employees at McMakler who also through solidarity, unparalleled commitment and great inventiveness have convinced in weeks of lockdown and uncertainty – these awards are your merit.”

McMakler is the upcoming service leader in the European residential property market and is already the fourth largest real estate agency in Germany. 

Read more about the Capital Makler Kompass Awards here.

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