What Skimlinks do

Skimlinks, acquired by Connexity Inc., helps publishers like Time Inc, Gawker Media, Condé Nast, Hearst Digital and The Huffington Post retain stronger relationships with their readers, both delivering them vital revenue and insights from their commerce-related content, and diversifying their over-reliance on Google and Facebook.

Skimlinks enable 60,000 publishers to engage with 48,500 merchants through their editorial content. Skimlinks has grown rapidly, helping to generate over $2.5 million in sales through the Skimlinks platform every day.

  • 60K publishers use Skimlinks

  • 48K merchants are connected

  • 2.5m Over $2.5 million of sales every day

Why we invested in Skimlinks

Publishers are increasingly turning to content-led monetization strategies for growth, as traditional digital display advertising rates continue to decline. With incredibly efficient technology and deep commerce insight, Skimlinks has become the go-to content monetization partner for the world’s most prestigious digital publishers. Frog worked closely with Seb and his team on strategy, scale-up execution, profitability and exit.


Sebastien Blanc – CEO, Skimlinks


Shirin Dehghan – Board Member, Skimlinks & Operating Partner, Frog