Skimlinks announces two new partnerships based around data transparency and access across APAC


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Skimlinks announces two new partnerships based around data transparency and access across APAC

Skimlinks has recently announced two new exciting partnerships for its growing global presence.  Firstly with Partnerize, which builds on their data transparency through their software which is an end-to-end, SaaS-based solution for forming, managing, analysing, and predicting the future results of partner marketing programs using artificial intelligence. Secondly with Commission Factory, the number one Performance Marketing Network in Asia Pacific, which will strengthen and grow the affiliate marketing industry for premium publishers across the region.

Improving transparency with Partnerize

Skimlinks VP of revenue for EMEA and APAC, Dunia Silan, sat down with Performance In to discuss the new partnership and how it has been created through ‘commerce content’, which she describes as “the type of content produced by commerce editors, focusing on brands and products that the editors and their readers enjoy reading and writing about, while also focusing on creating shopping inspirations.”

Publisher transparency is important to larger merchants working across commerce programs as the data and insight helps them understand the best performing publishers and establish good partnerships. Dunia said, “Skimlinks has been working on a huge transparency initiative with the networks and platforms. The latest example is the news of Partnerize ingesting the Skimlinks data to start surfacing the data in return to their advertisers.”

The partnership between Partnerize and Skimlinks is an enhanced integration to provide those insights about the thousands of publishers that use Skimlinks to deliver e-commerce content and offers. 60,000 publishers – including over 54% of the top 100 US and UK publishers – leverage Skimlinks to drive revenue through their content. For the more than 300 leading global brands that rely on Partnerize to drive and measure partner sales, this new integration means dramatically enhanced data access down to the publisher level. “For Partnerize, the integration helps the company deliver even more of the data-driven insights that help clients grow faster,” said Partnerize co-founder and CEO Mal Cowley.

Expanding into APAC with Commission Factory

Through their new partnership, the 600+ advertisers working with Commission Factory will have access to detailed performance reporting from Skimlinks Publishers. Covering clicks, conversions and order value at individual publisher domain level, this level of transparency will provide advertisers the in depth insights they need to see which publishers are driving their performance.

This partnership is a fantastic growth opportunity for both publishers and advertisers who work with Skimlinks in other regions to expand their presence in APAC. “From the beginning, our mission at Skimlinks has been to support growing and seamless relationships between brands and publishers,” added Skimlinks CEO Sebastien Blanc. “This powerful new integration helps us better fulfil that mission for some of the largest and most innovative businesses in the world.”

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