First year of investment: 2018


Investment status: Exited

Investment Lead: Mike Reid


What Opensignal do

OpenSignal will solve our frustrations with poor mobile coverage.

Opensignal was acquired in 2021 by Commlinkdata. With their unique crowd-based measurement of device level mobile coverage quality, Opensignal is driving a level of transparency and accountability never seen before. OpenSignal is now the independent, gold standard for mobile media and call experience in over 20 countries, a trusted role based on its unique crowded sourced data technology and relationships. A rapidly growing list Mobile Operators like T-Mobile, AT&T, SMART, Vodafone, KPN, EE, MTN and more are looking to Opensignal for data and tools to help them win the battle for good coverage and satisfied customers.


customers in over 20 countries


customers across 6 continents


analysing Billions of data points

Why we invested in Opensignal

Mobile internet access and coverage is now mission critical for consumers, businesses and public services. Devices and prices are commoditising, and therefore customer selection is focusing on quality of coverage.

However, there has been no reliable standard in coverage quality nor effective tools to resolve the underlying issues.

Opensignal provides this standard.

Opensignal’s credibility in its key markets is impressive. This strong base is proving an excellent platform from which to broaden internationally and deepen with an increasing range of software tools. Frog supported Opensignal’s exceptional team with strategic and operational scale-up input to seize an enormous international opportunity, which was realised when they were acquired by Commlinkdata in 2021.

“We are delighted to have the firm backing of Frog Capital, as they have a unique understanding of the scale-up phase in the software and telco markets. Frog will be an excellent partner for the next phase in our development,”

Brendan Gill - CEO & Co-founder

Mike Reid


Mike Reid