Opensignal publishes latest industry-leading analysis on maximum 5G speeds

4th October 2019 by Frog

Opensignal is the leader in mobile network analytics that help improve network connectivity. As part of their ongoing commitment to sharing their insights and industry-leading analysis, VP Analysis, Ian Fogg, has put together his assessment on the maximum speed of 5G smartphone users, as the new service launches across the globe.

5G is continuously evolving with maximum speeds increasing – Most countries are still transitioning to the service, but South Korea has already registered 2 million users. The US is still at the top of Opensignal’s list with the fastest download speeds (1815Mbps) with Australia, Switzerland, and South Korea close behind. This is notable because those three countries are connected by a mid-band 5G spectrum, unlike the US which has a higher capacity for 5G. Mid-band 5G is the most popular spectrum for early 5G use, rivalling the competitor mmWave that the US uses.

Ian said, “At Opensignal we focus on analysing the true end-to-end network experience of mobile users. Our approach means the speeds we measure represent the typical real-world experience of smartphone users.”

As 5G is in its early stages, coverage and data is still limited. The upcoming versions will both change and improve the standard of download speeds and Opensignal will continuously track its evolution and provide their invaluable insights and predictions.

You can read the full analysis here.


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