Dominic Rodgers

Dominic Rodgers
Head of marketing


What Sellics do

The world’s leading provider of advertising automation software for Amazon vendors.

With its unique all-in-one software platform, Sellics covers the entire Amazon business from beginning to end: from profit analysis and competition monitoring to keyword research and product performance to advertising analytics, SEO and review management. Sellics powers forward thinking retailers and brands, as well as agencies that advise them.

  • 4000 customers

  • 2014 5 years in business

  • >100 in the team

Why we invested in Sellics

Amazon is the retail story of our era. It has become an imperative channel for all forward thinking product and retail businesses. Off the back of its immense scale they have also become the fastest growing advertising operation worldwide.

Scale brings huge complexity

Sellics’ deep insight into and partnership with Amazon has resulted in them being the preferred 3rd party analytics software for vendors and advertisers working through the Amazon marketplace.

Frog supported the brilliant Sellics team to scale their commercial, operations, finance and technology teams to internationalise and meet the huge demand facing them.


Franz Jordan – CEO & Co-founder, Sellics

Josef Vataman – CTO & Co-founder, Sellics

James Bagan – Operating Partner, Frog – Chair, Sellics

Jens Düing – Senior Partner, Frog