• Sector Financial Services
  • Location Canada, UK
  • Investment Status acquired

Dealflo provides unique, end-to-end financial agreement automation services. It processes more than $10bn of financial transactions annually for companies including BNP Paribas, BMW and Prudential in a single service. Dealflo reduces risk and cost, increases conversion and improves user experience by automating the entire process.

Dealflo users are protected by ensuring that all agreements fully comply with the mandated process whether being signed online, in a retail store or alongside an intermediary. It increases enforceability with the strongest evidence available, meaning less risk from a legal, compliance and financial perspective.

It has operations across North America and EMEA, and is headquartered in London.


"Throughout the investment process, Frog Capital felt like a natural fit for Dealflo. Their record in nurturing high growth companies, their emphasis on shared values, their deep sector knowledge and their desire to offer practical support speaks for itself. We are confident that this will be a committed, constructive partnership that adds value far beyond just monetary and are excited to have Frog with us on our journey."

-Abe Smith, Founder & CEO, Dealflo