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Sabina Pasha



Sabina Pasha

Growing Up

I grew up moving around the Middle East, and have lived in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Dubai, moving back to the UK for University in 2013.


After graduating from the University of Warwick with a degree in History, I was keen to get a strong foundation for both accounting and transactions. I joined BDO’s graduate programme in their Transaction Services team in 2016 where I completed the ACA and qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

I spent five years at BDO working on a number of sell-side and buy-side transactions, which peaked my interest in the investment world.

In June 2021, I joined Guinness Ventures where my role spanned over both portfolio management and investments into Series A, UK based businesses. I also led the development of Guinness Ventures’ ESG policy and embedded this into their investment process.

At Frog Capital

I joined Frog in 2022 as part of the Investment Team, where my main focus is looking to find disruptive scale-up software businesses in the European market.

Positive Growth

Having always been interested in ESG and social impact, Frog’s focus on Positive Growth resonated hugely with me, as well as being part of a fund that has a clear Scale-Up Methodology to closely support and add value to its portfolio companies.