Oscar Chen

Dominic Rodgers
Head of marketing

Oscar Chen

Investment Analyst

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I have always had a passion for innovation. During my Bachelor studies at University College London, I started numerous (albeit unsuccessful) ventures, including a bubble-tea stand, an online jewellery marketplace and a digital health app. Looking to learn how a successful start-up is run, I joined Uber’s Shanghai office as their first Intern as they attempted to break into the enormous Chinese ride-hailing market. During my time at Uber, I witnessed both how exciting and chaotic the scale-up phase of a start-up can be. Leading me to believe there must be a more sustainable approach to growing a company.

Upon completion of my Master’s Degree at Cambridge Judge Business School, I continued my entrepreneurial path as I co-founded a medical device company. Fast forward fifteen months, we were faced with the long and expensive task of clinical trials. Luckily, our device had peaked a strategic investor’s interest, allowing my co-founder and I to subsequently exit the business.

Having experienced both sides of the coin, Frog’s thesis of focusing solely on the scale-up phase resonated greatly with me, as the challenges faced by scale-up phase companies are dramatically different to those faced by early-stage companies. Currently, I work alongside Mike and Jens on the Investment Team, where we look to invest in and support the next generation of innovative European software companies.