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Welcome to ‘How to Scale’, the podcast focused on helping purpose-led software companies to successfully Scale-Up hosted by Jens Düing, one of the Senior Partners at Frog Capital.

For more than 10 years we have developed a solid understanding of the common challenges that scale-up companies face. With our group of operating partners, who have learnt from years of experience, we have created the Scale-Up Methodology, which brings together insights and tools to help improve companies’ probability of success of reaching sustainable profitability. Each podcast looks at a different challenge that all companies will face on their way to scale.

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Episode 5

In the fifth episode of How to Scale we focus on the glue that holds everything together and serves as the secret sauce to success for any business, especially at the Scale-Up phase – teamwork. Host Jens Düing speaks to Operating Partner and ‘in-house psychologist’ at Frog Capital, John Sutherland.

John is one of Frog’s Operating Partners and is a specialist leadership team development consultant. He works with the companies Frog invests in to assess their senior teams, assist with new key hires and develop team culture.

In our conversation we discuss the common pitfalls in team development and what strong teams do to address them. We cover topics including diversity, dealing with different styles and approaches, and how leaders can evaluate their own behaviour, team dynamics and the fit with the business strategy and purpose continuously.

You can find more content from John as well as many other Scale-Up Insights & Toolkits from our other Frog operating partners.

Episode 4

In the fourth episode of How to Scale we follow last episode’s focus on the recent tech downturn with the perfect antidote that lies at Frog’s core – scaling businesses sustainably. Host Jens Düing speaks to fellow Senior Partner at Frog Capital, Steven Dunne.

Steven is Frog’s CFO and heads up our operating partner programme. He has over 20 years’ experience working in private equity backed businesses and private equity companies themselves. works closely with the CFO’s at the companies Frog has invested in.

In the conversation we cover topics including balancing growth and profitability, how purpose impacts a business, strong leadership and strategic financial management and planning.

If you’d like to read content from Steven, he has written several great pieces available in the CFO section of Scale-Up Insights where you can find many other toolkits from our other Frog operating partners.

Episode 3

In the third episode of How to Scale we focus on the recent tech downturn and how entrepreneurs can best react to market volatility. Host Jens Düing speaks to fellow Senior Partner at Frog Capital, Mike Reid.

Mike has been investing in software companies for over 20 years and ridden out the dot com bubble and the global recession of 2008/9 when he started Frog Capital.

In the conversation we cover topics including aligning board and shareholder priorities and managing changes and communicating them with the wider team.

Episode 2

In the second episode of How to Scale we speak to Andrew Betteley, an Operating Partner at Frog Capital, about ‘Scaling technology products and teams’. Andrew has been leading software development projects and teams for 20 years as a CTO and consultant having started as a developer and engineer.

In our conversation we’ll cover topics including scaling system architecture to prevent performance throttling and how a CTO transitions from being involved in everything to delegating effectively.

Episode 1

In the first episode of How to Scale we talk to James Bagan, an Operating Partner at Frog Capital, who specialises in sales and marketing. James started out many years ago in sales and went on to lead Private Equity backed businesses as a CEO. James covers topics including moving from founder sales to hiring a sales leader and a sales team, avoiding reliance on star performers, establishing consistency and predictability, and answering the all important question: what is the most important KPI in sales?

Jens Düing


Jens Düing

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