Together with our network, we are continually improving our Scale-Up methodology. We’ve combined learnings from the many successes we and our network have had over the last 20 years. We’ve defined the major elements which are essential for any CEO to succeed in the Scale-Up phase, and we have expertise to advise on each specialist component.


Empowering revenue generation

Customer Acquisition

New business is crucial for all growing companies, whether B2B or B2C, and is a key step to exceeding the Rule of 40 benchmark. The fundamentals are knowing the customer, understanding sales channels and monitoring and responding to influencers and competitor strategies. As you scale, the importance of high-quality recruitment, performance management and team empowerment are core skills to ensure your business still delivers to the same quality. Account management plans, sales management structure, remuneration, incentives and performance management will become increasingly important parts of the process.

Key expert

James Bagan

“Winning new customers and retaining them to forecast is the key to scaling any profitable business.”

James Bagan, Operating PartnerView Profile

Establishing the mission


Frogs’ definition of strategy: “A competitive game-plan to achieve an important goal”. Particularly during the scale-up phase, where a degree of product-market fit has already been established, strategy is not about selling a vague market opportunity but rather combining a clear view of addressable market with a robust plan of action as to how this can be exploited. More importantly, recognising the unique resources, attributes and purpose your company has (and will need) to thrive in that environment.

Key expert

David Williams

“As you scale a business it grows beyond senior management’s line of sight, so purpose and strategy are crucial from a communications perspective.”

David Williams, Operating PartnerView Profile

Building optimal teams


Hiring senior people smarter than you is uncomfortable, but winning your market requires a major step up in how you see Talent at scale. Investing systematically in culture, organisation and people to nurture and continually assess talent at all levels is essential as your business scales. Purpose-driven businesses have a significant advantage when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. Seriously excellent people will help you to execute better and will also be involved in shaping strategy through bringing diverse, challenging views. Inevitably your team will evolve along with the challenges you face. An intentional approach to assessing performance, addressing competence gaps and anticipating the need to make a step change and take tough people decisions is necessary. A diverse senior team is essential to share the burden of responsibility for seeing and delivering the vision.

Key expert

John Sutherland

“Attracting and integrating seriously excellent talent is one of the biggest challenges for scale-up leaders.”

John Sutherland, Operating PartnerView Profile

Realising value


Building significant value through the scale-up phase is one important measure of your team and investors’ success in executing your purpose and vision. Understanding how and why different prospective stakeholders value companies like yours is critical to ensure you are focusing on the right strategic goals well ahead of time. Keeping your exit options broad de-risks your future. Careful and consistent management of your brand and reputation amongst this audience is time consuming but vital. Having an excellent Board and shareholder group will provide constructive support and alignment.

Key expert

David Williams

“Value creation is an outcome of building a successful business, not an objective to be set in its own right.”

David Williams, Operating PartnerView Profile