Vulog’s CEO: “Why Shared Mobility is a Lifesaver”

19th May 2020 by Frog

Gregory Ducongé, the CEO of Vulog – the global leader in shared mobility technologies – has written an insightful thought piece on the role shared mobility will play post COVID-19. In his article, Gregory advocates that the current environment is driving us to find a new ‘normalcy’ and that shared mobility services are going to become an even larger player in how we move around our cities.

One of the stark changes we are seeing in everyday routine is the reduction in public transport use, due to the need to enforce social distancing. On this, Gregory says, “Alternative means of transportation that encourage social distancing must be prioritised, and shared mobility is an outright winning option for millions of commuters in cities across the world.”

In addition, Gregory recommends that shared mobility operators must continue to adapt their services swiftly in order to keep up with changing circumstances, policies and societal norms. He suggests that agility is the key here, and outlines how being agile has recently allowed shared mobility operators to adapt to unpredictable circumstances by repurposing their fleets and offering them to health and other essential workers. These insights are highly valuable to the industry and further prove that the Vulog team are thought-leaders in the field.

You can read all of Gregory’s insights and recommendations in his article here.


Article by Frog

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