Vulog launches carsharing success video series


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Vulog launches carsharing success video series

Over the past few decades, society has witnessed a renewed interest in urbanism alongside growing concerns over the environment. This evolution has led governments worldwide to implement “green legislation”. Consequently, the concept of sharing transportation with fellow inhabitants has become a prominent feature in cities across the world. Carsharing – while not new to the transportation sector – has seen its influence grown tremendously over the past 15 years, emerging today as an important player in a city’s transportation ecosystem.

It is on this theme that Vulog, the global leader in shared mobility technologies, have focused their series of videos on social media called 7 Key Ingredients for Carsharing Success, based on their popular report of the same name. The series involves the Vulog team outlining their advice on launching a new carsharing service, which decision-makers to integrate into your business strategy, and how to optimise costs and generate revenue. The series is aimed at becoming a valuable resource for both new and established shared mobility players, whilst also positioning Vulog as a thought leader in the space.

To date, topics covered in the video series include:

  1. How to identify which city will be the best place to launch your carsharing service;
  2. How crucial it is to launch with a large fleet;
  3. Why carsharing should be the first step when launching any shared mobility business, plus the impact that diversifying your offer has on profitability; and
  4. Advice on offering a seamless user experience.

You can follow Vulog on LinkedIn here to keep up-to-date when the final three episodes in the series are released. You can also read their original 7 Key Ingredients for Carsharing Success report in full here.