Sellics launch their latest product via livestream

12th May 2020 by Frog

Late last week, Sellics – the leading global Amazon merchant software – launched their latest offering: Sellics Advertising. This new addition to their software is geared towards putting Amazon sellers “in the driver’s seat” when it comes to running paid advertising campaigns for their products. The software allows sellers to focus on growing their business while automating much of the strategy behind PPC campaigns, which previously needed to be assessed manually by the seller.

In an innovative move, Sellics launched Sellics Advertising via a livestream on Facebook. Rather than simply broadcasting a walk-through of the software, the Sellics team added more value to viewers by including a discussion on Amazon advertising with an expert panel from within the Sellics consulting team. The benefit of Sellics Advertising is that sellers can pick and choose what methods they want to focus on, depending on what their personal goals are for their Amazon business. The panel discussed the various strategies available for Amazon PPC campaigns and how they interconnect with each other. Overall, it was an insightful session and a great example of adding additional value for customers, both now during COVID-19 lockdown but also for future launches.

You can watch the full recorded livestream here, and learn more about Sellics Advertising here.


Article by Frog

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