Opensignal release Global Mobile Network Experience Awards 2021 report

Shirin Dehghan

Shirin Dehghan
Operating Partner

Frog portfolio company Opensignal – the global standard for measuring mobile-user experience in the wireless industry – recently published their “Global Mobile Network Experience Awards 2021,” a guide to understanding the “true experience” consumers receive on wireless networks.

The awards celebrate the six most important metrics for Mobile Network Experience, which are: Video Experience, Voice App Experience, Download Speed Experience, Upload Speed Experience, 4G Availability, and the latest addition – Games Experience.

Listed below are the report’s key findings:

  • SoftBank and T-Mobile Netherlands are Global Winners for Video Experience
  • Vodafone Netherlands and SoftBank are top of the pack for Games Experience
  • South Korea’s LG U+ is number one in the world for Voice App Experience
  • SK telecom clocked up the highest average download speed of any operator worldwide
  • Swisscom is the Global Winner for Upload Speed Experience for the second time
  • LG U+ is the Global Winner for 4G Availability
  • Egypt’s WE and Banglalink in Bangladesh are Global Rising Stars across all five categories

Despite the past year’s pandemic challenges, the report also stated that 5G is already making its influence felt in the mobile experience. And judging by the Global Rising Stars, many operators have been able to improve users’ mobile experience. 

“Opensignal is already seeing the improved experience brought by 5G. But the uplift in experience is far from uniform and depends on which spectrum bands operators are able to use for 5G among other factors. At Opensignal we are following this aspect closely and you can expect many insights from us on how 5G influences the real-world user experience in the months and years to come. Most likely next year’s Opensignal Global Winners will all have successful 5G deployments with many 5G users.”

Read the full report here.

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Shirin Dehghan

Shirin Dehghan
Operating Partner

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