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Shirin Dehghan

Shirin Dehghan
Operating Partner

As Europe, the US and much of the rest of the world adopt extreme social distancing as an effective measure to control the spread of Coronavirus, many businesses, big and small, have asked their staff to work from home. As an old school CEO, I have always been a believer in traditional ways of running a business, but I wanted to learn from those who have successfully run a business remotely.

I interviewed one of these pioneering CEOs, Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, to share how he built his company remotely from day one. Mohammad graduated as a physician from the University of Cambridge in 2000 and founded Patients Know Best in 2008. The company sells to health providers and is supporting the NHS with its COVID-19 response. Our interview series was published on LinkedIn and garnered a lot of interest.

In response to this, in collaboration with Cambridge Angels, we set up a webinar where Mohammad could share his advice from the perspective of long-term best practice, and David Buxton, CEO of Arachnys, could share how he has reacted to what is a very new situation. Here are some highlights from the conversation we had, with some key takeaways for CEOs.

LinkedIn series

If you would like to read the original interview, please find the links below:

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Tuesday : How can you lead a team that works remotely?
Wednesday : How can technology facilitate strong management?
Thursday : What can you do to build a positive remote culture?
Friday : Final advice for successful remote working

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Shirin Dehghan

Shirin Dehghan
Operating Partner

Shirin is a passionate advisor and board member to companies wishing to transform their business. Shirin is an operating partner at Frog Capital; she sits on the board of Skimlinks and Chairwoman of Opensignal.

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