Opensignal publish their predictions for the telecom industry in 2020


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Opensignal publish their predictions for the telecom industry in 2020

This year has seen Opensignal – the global standard for measuring mobile user experience in the wireless industry – releasing a significant amount of industry-leading analysis and insights into the mobile and telecom industry. They are now turning their gaze to the year ahead – What’s in Opensignal’s crystal ball for 2020?

In their latest article penned by Senior Analyst Peter Boyland, Opensignal make a number of informed predictions about what to expect for the mobile world next year. In addition to some country-specific predictions for Brazil, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Germany and India, some of their key forecasts include:

  • 3G will continue to be more popular than 5G in 2020
  • Using 5G to ease congestion on 4G networks will become a key operator use case
  • Marketing 5G will be tough because 5G will not be a uniform experience
  • 5G will herald the arrival of increased variety in tariff plans, such as unlimited data and speed tiering
  • The rollout of 5G will accentuate the urban/rural divide
  • Spectrum availability will have a huge impact on the 5G experience
  • 4G will remain an essential foundation for 5G services in 2020
  • Multiplayer mobile gaming will explode, but cloud gaming services will struggle
  • Mobile games that require 5G will have niche adoption in 2020
  • 5G will trigger more operators to launch fixed broadband services
  • Operators will use content bundles to accelerate 5G adoption
  • 5G will bring the elusive Excellent mobile Video Experience to the masses

You can read Opensignal’s detailed analysis and rationale on these forecasts here.