Martin Hauge

Former Non-Executive Chair

Martin Hauge


Martin Hauge

Growing up

My entry to the world of entrepreneurship began a few years after my graduation from NTH (Tech University of Norway). In the 80’s, my partners and I saw potential in acquiring companies on the brink of bankruptcy and helping them turn their business around. The venture was a true crash course in entrepreneurship with learnings that prove invaluable as I moved on to become a serial entrepreneur and later on a VC.


In 2003 I got an enticing offer to join a newly founded VC fund called Creandum in Stockholm. At the time I had just exited a company I had co-founded in Interaction Design, called Creuna, which today is one of the Nordic’s large digital agencies. After spending almost 20 years as founder and CEO, realising my dream of starting, building and selling companies, I wanted to be part of the eco-system supporting the next wave of European entrepreneurs and joined Creandum. I’m proud of our journey – today Creandum is considered to be one of the most successful European VC funds, best known for its investments in game changers like Spotify, iZettle and Vivino. 

At Frog Capital

Today I’m running my own family fund Haflo AB. I am still obsessed with learnings and believe it should be a focus for all executives – regardless if you’re a first time founder or a scale-up CEO. I am delighted to have passed the baton onto Susannah who is already making a great impact as Frog’s Chair.