John Sutherland and Mike Reid – Chairing Software Scale-Ups

Jens Düing

Jens Düing
Senior Partner

John Sutherland and Mike Reid – Chairing Software Scale-Ups

Episode 8

In the eighth episode of ‘How to Scale’ we discuss the role of the Chair at software companies through the scale-up stage. Host Jens Düing speaks with fellow Senior Partner, Mike Reid, and Frog’s in-house psychologist and Team Development Operating Partner, John Sutherland, who have put together a Chairing Framework, which forms the basis for our discussion.

Put together in collaboration with Frog’s wider network of Chairs, it examines the five key elements a Chair will focus on:

  1. Strategic time horizon
  2. Balancing Stakeholder focus
  3. Governance/ Mentoring approach
  4. Adaptive/ Intentional style
  5. Development strategy


You can find more information about Frog’s Chairing Framework by downloading the accompanying scale-up toolkit here.

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This is an episode of ‘How to Scale’, the podcast focused on helping purpose-led software companies to successfully Scale-Up hosted by Jens Düing, one of the Senior Partners at Frog Capital.

For more than 10 years we have developed a solid understanding of the common challenges that scale-up companies face. With our group of operating partners, who have learnt from years of experience, we have created the Scale-Up Methodology, which brings together insights and tools to help improve companies’ probability of success of reaching sustainable profitability. Each podcast looks at a different challenge that all companies will face on their way to scale.

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Jens Düing


Jens Düing