Akshata Agarwal


Akshata Agarwal

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Akshata Agarwal

Growing up

I grew up in the vibrant city of Bombay, and graduated with a degree in management & finance and started my career at JP Morgan. Since then, I have moved around from New York to Delhi to London for my MBA at London Business School.

From a young age I took inspiration from my father, who worked in equity research for India’s largest broking house. Our conversations on macroeconomics, finance, and business models, would eventually lead me toward a career in finance.


My professional journey began at JP Morgan investment banking where I worked with their Equity Capital Markets team in Bombay and New York, eventually moving to Morgan Stanley. Chance meetings with a few founders along this journey inspired me to plunge into an entrepreneurial role leaving behind what would have been a very predictable career. We launched and scaled India’s version of Sofar gigs focused on stand-up comedy over a two-year period, which was a period of huge learning and growth.

After a fulfilling founder journey, I moved back to investment banking, and was involved in India’s largest consumer deal in its segment, TPG Capital’s investment in RR Kabel, a company which has now gone on to IPO successfully. Having gathered a strong deal experience across different business models & sectors combined with learnings from my founder days, I found myself drawn to Venture Capital and I went on to back earlier stage companies such as Progcap, TrueMeds, AdvantageClub, and Astrome among others

At Frog Capital

I work with the Investment team looking to back the next generation of SaaS innovation in Europe. The pain and triumph of scaling up my own venture gave me a unique perspective of the challenges of the scale-up phase, and I could immediately see how having a partner like Frog can make a positive difference to a founder’s journey at that scale. Frog’s unique operating partner model and it’s conscious size strategy are a commitment to its portfolio companies.

Positive Growth

The team’s focus on positive growth aligns well with my values, and every day is an opportunity to contribute to something impactful that combines passion, purpose, and a profound sense of gratitude.