Michael Kent – Growth Strategies with M&A

Jens Düing

Jens Düing
Senior Partner

Michael Kent – Growth Strategies with M&A

Episode 7

In the seventh episode of How to Scale we focus on mergers and acquisitions. I speak to serial entrepreneur Michael Kent, who was the CEO of Azimo, one of our former portfolio companies, which recently was acquired by Papaya Global.’

In the conversation we cover growth strategies with mergers and acquisitions, including what to focus on if you’re looking to acquire for the first time and a reminder that the process does not finish when the transaction is completed. We also talk about the difference in skill sets between organic growth and acquisitive growth, and the importance of focusing on people and relationships before, during and after any deal.

If you’d like to read further content on mergers and acquisitions, you can download Frog’s toolkit on Growth Strategies with M&A.


This is an episode of ‘How to Scale’, the podcast focused on helping purpose-led software companies to successfully Scale-Up hosted by Jens Düing, one of the Senior Partners at Frog Capital.

For more than 10 years we have developed a solid understanding of the common challenges that scale-up companies face. With our group of operating partners, who have learnt from years of experience, we have created the Scale-Up Methodology, which brings together insights and tools to help improve companies’ probability of success of reaching sustainable profitability. Each podcast looks at a different challenge that all companies will face on their way to scale.

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Jens Düing


Jens Düing