Winningtemp’s 4 easy steps to managing your business’ goals


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Winningtemp’s 4 easy steps to managing your business’ goals

Goal management can sometimes be a difficult task especially in today’s dynamic and ever-changing work life. Frog’s newest portfolio company Winningtemp, a leading employee-engagement software company, recently published a blog post on setting and managing goals for your business. 

“Companies must be able to rely on goal management processes that work in all situations. Otherwise you easily slip behind and the whole organization suffers,” explained Winningtemp. 

According to them, goals help companies coordinate, summarize complex processes, prioritise, allocate resources, and evaluate progress.

They highlighted how to achieve your business’ goals in just four simple steps: 

  1. Create goal management that works on all levels
  2. Create effective goal management
  3. Automate your goal management process
  4. Link targets to reconciliations

“Goal setting is not just about processes, but also about performance,” Winningtemp added.

“As you can see, goal setting is one of the most central processes in your organisation. But goal management must be set up correctly to work.” Read the full article here.