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The concept of ride sharing has increasingly become popular in cities all around the world. Carsharing – while not new to the transportation sector – has seen its influence grown tremendously over the past 15 years, emerging today as an important player in a city’s transportation ecosystem. For one, shared mobility reduces car dependency in urban areas where parking spaces are often limited and pollution is a big environmental adversary. According to Vulog – the global leader in shared mobility technologies – it is a sustainable solution that can easily disrupt society’s dependence on private-vehicle ownership. 

In the latest publication from their Insights series, Vulog share their ‘top ingredients’ for carsharing success. In the report, they provide expert advice to guide existing and future carsharing service providers that are thinking of launching, improving, or redefining their services in order to achieve widespread reach, peak performance, and maximum profitability.

In their report, Vulog touches on seven critical topics including:

  • Offering a seamless user experience to your customers;
  • Having a clear marketing strategy;
  • Identifying the right location for your carsharing business;
  • Optimising costs and generating revenue;
  • Integrating the right decision-makers into your business strategy; and
  • Building a community around your brand.

Vulog advocates that carsharing services will see an impactful difference in their business’s success rate when these key elements are combined. You can read the full report here, and find more from the Vulog Insights series here.

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