Vulog publish Top 20 of 2020 Influential Women in Mobility


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Vulog publish Top 20 of 2020 Influential Women in Mobility

Vulog, the global leader in shared mobility technologies, have published their Top 20 of 2020 Influential Women in Mobility. The 20 women were nominated over the course of several months and the result is a project that celebrates women’s achievements in mobility and encourages a shift towards greater gender equality in the industry.

In this year’s edition, Vulog asked the leading women to share their personal insight into how mobility has and will continue to transform in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. They began with the prompt, “During these unprecedented times, mobility is more important than ever because…” The insights offered are as diverse as the group themselves, with women included from diverse fields of expertise and backgrounds, from carsharing and ride-hailing to private industries and public/government organisations or academia. Together, these perspectives shed light on the road ahead to societal, economic, and environmental recovery via mobility.

Gregory Ducongé, CEO of Vulog, says, “Many people tend to think of mobility as a means to an end, when in fact, mobility is the driving force of our very existence: it determines where we can or cannot go, with whom, under what conditions and just how safely… The women behind these perspectives are instrumental in leading the mobility revolution and their voices must be heard.”

This year’s group of 20 includes:

  • Josephine Adorelle, Aimo
  • Anuradha Chaudhary, ekar
  • Cara Clairman, Plug’n’Drive
  • Brigitte Courtehoux, Free2Move
  • Dana Fujiko Heatherton, GIG Car Share
  • Mireia Gilibert Junyent, SEAT
  • Angela Hultberg, Ingka (IKEA)
  • Veronica Juarez, Lyft
  • Kara Kockelman, Univ of Texas, Austin
  • Tekedra N Mawakana, WAYMO
  • Sophia Nadur, BP
  • Karen New, Modo
  • Aleksandra O’Donovan, BloombergNEF
  • Nicole Pasewald, WeShare
  • Talia Rafaeli, Porsche Ventures
  • Fedra Ribeiro, Bosch Connected Mobility Solutions
  • Haley Rubinson, Revel
  • Susan Shaheen, University of California, Berkeley
  • Hooi Ling Tan, Grab
  • Julia Thayne, Office of Los Angeles

You can download and read the insights from the Top 20 of 2020 Influential Women in Mobility here.