Vulog identifies European cities with potential for car sharing growth



With car sharing rising to become a global phenomenon, more cities across the world are fighting to dominate the market. Cities like Moscow, Beijing, Berlin, Madrid, and Vancouver are currently on top, but smaller cities are on the brink of car sharing booms due to their considerable growth potential.

Vulog has shared a report that identifies the five European cities with major potential for car sharing growth in the coming years based on these success factors:

  • City demographics and structure
  • Municipality support
  • Existing mobility offers

The five cities named in the report are:

  • Torino
  • Krakow
  • Istanbul
  • Zagreb
  • Lyon

Experts predict a worldwide decline in private vehicle ownership due to the car sharing revolution and service providers are targeting up-and-coming cities like these to stay ahead of the game.

To read Vulog’s full report, click here.

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