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At Frog we focus on investing and working with European tech companies, but their markets are all over the world. So, it’s great to see Vulog continue to expand in North America.

They’ve just been featured in Automotive News for the second time this year, with one of their customers leading the story. Jose Luis Fregoso, general manager of Alamo Mexico, an independent branch of the car-rental company is talking about the rapid changes throughout his industry.

“We’ve found out that our own clients don’t want to rent a car for 24 hours a day and leave it parked for most of that time, they want a car on demand. They want to move from point A to B, and they want it now, and they want it at a fair price.”

Next month, Fregoso will launch a pilot project in Cancun, Mexico, that involves creation of a 50-car fleet of Nissan Versas and Sentras that operate as part of a short-term rental network. He envisions the pilot as the first step in a broader transformation in which Alamo Mexico launches short-term rentals in 15 markets that may use as many as 1,300 vehicles.

The technology that enables these services is underpinned by Vulog, who provide the technology platform allowing anyone from manufacturers to dealerships to car-rental companies such as Alamo Mexico to start and manage fleets that could target a single mode of transportation or bundle them together.

Alex Thibault, Vulog’s general manager in North America, expects deployments from other Vulog partners in six more U.S. cities this year. Throughout its global operations, Vulog says it helped deliver 15 million rides in 2018 on vehicles on its platform, and it projects that it will power 25 million in 2019.

Excellent work by the Vulog team. We look forward to hearing more progress. For the whole article, follow the link below:

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