Adapting your Go To Market strategy when markets change

Dominic Rodgers

Dominic Rodgers
Head of Marketing

Adapting your Go To Market strategy when markets change

The ways you position your product, decide which customers you target and create compelling campaigns to drive sustainable growth are crucial to success at any time. In times of uncertainty they become even more important and necessary to review.

Scaling Software companies need to at least reassess, if not significantly adjust their Go-To-Market strategies when business as usual is impacted by a recession, regulatory change or major cultural shift.


We recently ran a fantastic workshop with two of our portfolio CMO’s focused on how to conduct a purposeful and productive ‘drains up’ of your commercial strategy.

Frog’s Operating Partner, James Bagan chaired the event and shared the story of the extent to which the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 affected him when he was CEO of a business that required a dramatic overhaul when their biggest client, RBS, had to freeze their spend.

Nick Gregory, CMO of Clue Software and Michelle Genser, VP of Global Marketing at EVOTIX gave presentations that challenged and educated in equal measure.

Strategy and execution

Nick introduced a robust process for delivering product and market analysis with collaboration across leadership disciplines. He shared a framework to align your product(s) and target market(s) to efficiently and effectively focus your sales and marketing teams, so you can put your business in the strongest position to weather whatever storms you face.

Michelle questioned the conventional approach of generating leads from core channels to develop opportunities and championed isolating and capitalising on productive channels with dark social content.


It was a great opportunity for senior leaders to share challenging questions and meet people with the same focus at similar stages of their scale-up journey.

Scale-Up Methodology

This workshop is part of Frog’s library of Scale-Up content, which is a core part of our Scale-Up Methodology. Together with our Operating Partners and wider network, we are continually refining our Scale-Up Methodology. We’ve combined learnings from the many successes and challenges we have had over the last 25 years, so you have the benefit of real practical experience.

The framework

We’ve defined the major elements which are essential for any purpose-driven leadership team to succeed in the Scale-Up phase, and we have expertise to advise on each specialist component. Our wheel is made up of Execution, Planning and Sustainability, the short, medium and long term priorities for European Software Scale-Ups.

The key aspect of Frog’s value-add delivery is our in-house Operating Partners who work directly with the senior teams in our portfolio.

Our library of toolkits, articles, and podcasts with accompanying workshops and events are designed to share our experiences more widely with Europe’s software ecosystem. Go to Scale-Up Insights to see more and see below for Sales and Marketing specific content.

Lastly, our portfolio network, the senior leaders working in the companies we have invested in, like Nick and Michelle, are a group of top-quality talent in our industry, all working at high-growth European Software Scale-Ups and sharing best practice advice with each other.

We look forward to the next event. Please do get in touch if you have any questions about this workshop or suggestions for themes you would like us to cover in future.

Dominic Rodgers


Dominic Rodgers

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