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Alexander House

Alexander House
Investor Relations

The 2nd of Frog’s ‘Realising Potential’ webinar series featured a great discussion on high growth software companies between Shirin Dehghan, a former software entrepreneur and Operating Partner at Frog Capital and Sue Hunter, software investor and Frog’s Non-Executive Chair of the Investment Committee.

Shirin scaled her own software company Arieso from $0 to $40m annual revenue, building a strong team of 200, with offices in the UK, US, Dubai, Singapore, Mexico and Spain and eventually exited the business for >$100m. Shirin now works across the Frog portfolio, currently serving as Chair of Opensignal and Winningtemp.

Sue started her career at 3i covering various roles, including Director of the Transaction team, where she managed a portfolio of £150m. Sue has sat on over 300 ICs in her time, developing industry best practice for IC decision making and helped shape Frog’s Investment Committee process as Chair of the IC.

Together they covered the opportunities across software today (from FinTech and RegTech to AI and Data Security) and why now is a great time to invest; its evolution across various economic cycles and the current challenges across PE/VC including pricing concerns and board diversity; and how Frog currently works with and helps realise the potential of its software companies.

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Alexander House

Alexander House
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